Custom web design is creating a whole website design from scratch without using any kind of templates 

Did you know you could lose 94% of your customers because of poor design and lack of trust in your website design?

Custom web design gives unique credibility

While trying to save money for your marketing activities you might consider a template for website design rathe than a customized one because customized web design is always costly. a website template is used many other businesses like you which makes no uniqueness to your business credibility. to stand out from the crowd you will need a very attractive unique web design which other don’t copy.  check out our custom designed website home page  at codenol web solutions our team is experienced in custom website design

There is no limitations when you do customized web design

In template based we design there are limitations to do designs which templates styles  are predefined simply speaking we have to follow what the template offers. but on customized design we are doing from scratch which will have the ability to choose how we want everything to be look like.

Custom web design tend to much faster than a template based website

When you buy a template it will be loaded with many thigs and mostly 50% of them which is no required for your needs many fancy stuff’s like animations graphics, fancy widgets for example when you buy a WordPress theme it will have more widgets like countdown slider different types of form plugin and their widgets as well as lot of plugins which you may not required considering all these the template will load slower.

But when it comes to custom design we are only looking targeting what we needed which make the website having less coding and it will not bloat like a template which makes much faster website than a template based web design