What is FAQ Schema?

FAQ Schema is a structured data which represent Frequently asked question (FAQ) about a topic or about the whole websites functionality etc. A properly marked FAQ pages or section in a website dramatically increase its search performance across google this structed data will be represented on google search result as a question and answer type as seen below example.

4 Ways FAQ Schema Can Help You Improve Your SEO

Read on to see how FAQ schema improves your SEO like a boss.

1. Provides an Instant Rich Snippet

Rich snippets from FAQs are one of the simplest and quickest to obtain. Google appears to be much faster than other structured data types at picking up FAQ structured data and altering your SERP listing. Make sure to “Request Indexing” of your page in Google Search Console after installation to give them a push in the right direction.

2. Improves CTR

After using the FAQ structure, one case study experienced a CTR boost of almost 50%. Even the most pessimistic actuary will smile at it.

3. Generates Higher Quality Leads

In our world, there are two categories of leads: those who convert and those that do not.

Regardless of your efforts, the former will fail to convert. On the other hand, the latter are poised to convert. They’re the ones who are ready to download, buy, or sign up. All you have to do now is show them the path.

4. Connects to Voice Search

Alexa. Siri. Google Assistant is a virtual assistant created by Google. Your refrigerator, to be precise. All of these AI virtual assistants are altering the way we obtain information. FAQ Schema pays significant role

Asking a question is currently one of the most prevalent methods for people to connect with their smart speakers. If the inquiry is closely related to your FAQ schema, the AI will respond with whatever you marked up in your structured data.

How to add FAQ Schema to your website

Click the below FAQ Schema generator


For WordPress use HTML widget to add the code